Important Information Regarding COVID-19

Last Updated: Thursday April 2, 2020

Following the recommendations made by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) and the Government of Ontario’s Declaration of Emergency, we must suspend all non-essential and elective dental services to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. This suspension will not be re-evaluated by our governing college (RCDSO) until the State of Emergency in Ontario is lifted; unfortunately it appears unlikely there will be any lessening of restrictions in April, and as a result our office will be closed until further notice

We are taking this day by day – closely following the Government of Ontario’s mandates and as such we are currently cancelling and rescheduling appointments between March 16th – May 3rd 2020 (this date range will continue to be updated). All impacted patients will be contacted via email with new appointment dates. 

We do not take this decision lightly, but the seriousness of the current novel coronavirus pandemic demands stricter social distancing measures to slow the impact on our health care system. Nevertheless, we understand that this closure is disruptive for all patients who had appointments reserved during this time, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

At Yorkville Toronto Dental Specialist’s we care deeply about the health of our patients and our wider community, and we thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation as we all do our part to overcome this challenging situation. Together, we can help keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible. 

Below we have addressed some common questions and concerns that are arising during this suspension period.  


Please do NOT go to a hospital for dental emergencies. In accordance to our regulatory body a dental emergency is includes: 

  • oral-facial trauma
  • significant infection
  • prolonged bleeding 
  • prolonged/severe pain which cannot be managed by over-the-counter medications

If you think you are experiencing a dental emergency, call your dentist. They will give you advice about next steps. If you do not have a dentist, please contact one of the emergency clinics designated by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons. 

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, as outlined above, and are a current patient of Dr. Albert Haddad, Dr. Philip Haddad, or Dr. Hagen Klieb please email [email protected]

Emergency cases will initially be managed via telephone (within 1 to 2 business days) by obtaining a verbal history of conditions and providing appropriate pharmacotherapy, if indicated. If this emergency cannot wait for our response, please contact the Dental Emergency Services at 416-485-7121. 

Upon telephone assessment, please notify our office if you have travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days, had close contact with a confirmed or possible COVID-19 case or are feeling unwell with any of the following symptoms:

  • fever, new onset of cough or difficulty breathing (or a combination of these symptoms)
  • muscle aches, fatigue, headache, sore throat, runny nose or diarrhea  

In those few cases where telephone management is insufficient, clinical assessment may be arranged.

As dedicated health care professionals, we want you to know that we remain as diligent as ever in protecting the health and safety of our patients, staff and community. For these reasons, it is important to note that our office is NOT equipped to treat emergency patients experiencing respiratory illness, including COVID-19 or patients that require treatment involving a high-speed handpiece. In such cases, we would refer you to one of the emergency clinics designated by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, as they have the appropriate protective equipment required during this pandemic. 


If you are NOT experiencing trauma, infection, prolonged bleeding or severe pain, please understand that we are unable to provide non-emergency and elective dental services during this suspension (as doing so would be considered an act of professional misconduct). We understand that this is frustrating, especially for those patients in the middle of restorative treatment and we kindly request your patience and understanding during this turbulent time. 


All dental appointments that were scheduled between March 16th and April 13th (inclusive) have been cancelled and rescheduled. New appointment date and times have been emailed to you and were selected based on existing availability.

We understand that many patients would like their appointment as soon as possible; once our regulatory body has revisited their decision in the first week of April we will have a better idea on when operations can return to normal. Once the non-emergency suspension is removed, we will make every attempt to accommodate patients based on priority and treatment needs. For the time being, please wait for our office to reopen to address concerns surrounding appointment rescheduling


At all times our practice strictly adheres to, and exceeds the standards for infection control by wearing personal protective gear, using hospital-grade disinfectants, practicing the latest sterilization protocols, utilizing single-use disposable materials, and more. 

In recognition of ongoing and the continued spread of the COVID-19 virus, our office has expanded our cleaning of high contact surfaces and we are frequently disinfecting items in non-clinical areas such as the reception/waiting room, door handles, pens, clipboards, PIN pad machines etc. Additionally, items that cannot be easily disinfected such as magazines have been removed. 

Symptoms of coronavirus are reported as flu-like, with varying degrees of severity. While we do not know everything about this virus to date, individuals who are elderly and/or immunocompromised appear to be the most at risk of a severe infection. To ensure your health and safety, and the health and safety of everyone at our practice, all patients are screened prior to their appointment for travel, COVID-19 contact history and cough, fever, and/or flu-like symptoms. Those who have symptoms, have travelled outside of Canada, or have had contact with a possible or confirmed COVID-19 case will be rescheduled or referred to an appropriate clinic supplied with the appropriate equipment. 

Similarly, all team members will remain home if they are sick until at least 24 hours after their fever, or symptoms have dissipated. Individuals with
suspected or confirmed flu, whom do not have a fever, are asked to stay home from work at least 4 to 5 days after the onset of symptoms.

We have asked all team members manage any travel plans in accordance to The Government of Canada Travel Advise and Advisories. Team members considering travel outside of Canada are required follow the travel advice on the Government of Canada COVID-19 webpage and are required to complete the recommended 14 day self-isolation period prior to returning to work. 


Please view and share our latest COVID-19 Symptom Comparison Chart with your friends and family.

For further information, including measures to keep yourself healthy, visit the following links:

Contact Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000, your local public health unit or your primary care provider if you’re experiencing symptoms of the 2019 novel coronavirus.

Please do not visit an assessment centre unless you have been referred by a healthcare professional.

Please do not call 911 unless it is an emergency.