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At YTDS, our dental specialists have about 40 years of cumulative experience and a thorough knowledge of oral surgery procedures. We provide a level of excellence that helps you feel at ease from the moment you enter our office and gives you the results you desire. Oral surgery can be used for cosmetic or functional purposes or for the treatment of injuries, defects, and disease. In any of these procedures, it is critical that you seek out the services of a highly trained professional in Downtown Toronto.

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Our oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Albert J. Haddad, is extremely skilled in his field. Following dental school he continued his education through years of surgical and anesthesia training in a hospital setting. All of our staff are knowledgeable in sterilization procedures, health policies, and are CPR certified. By contacting our office at 416-792-2966, you can learn about the qualifications that our team has and how we can help you personally.

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Our dental specialists serve Toronto, Yorkville, and the Greater Toronto Area, providing you with treatment or cosmetic improvements through oral surgery. When you are looking to have a procedure done you want to turn to a specialist that has the credentials and that you feel comfortable with. At Yorkville Toronto Dental Specialists we use the latest and safest technology to improve your procedure and your recovery. We provide coordinated care by partnering with you and your dental practitioner. We also know that you have other places to be which is why our facility is convenient, striving to see each patient on time.

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