Oral Pathology & Oral Medicine
background INFORMATION

An Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology (OMOP) specialist is an expert on the diagnosis and management of disease processes affecting the oral cavity.

Dentists and physicians may request consultation with an OMOP for a wide range of reasons, including assessment of a variety of lesions (open sores, lumps, etc.), infections (thrush, cold sores, etc), dry mouth, cancer screening, as well as pain affecting the mouth or temporomandibular joint regions.

Initial consultation will involve discussion of ones medical history, present concern as well as review of previous diagnostic tests (e.g. radiographs, blood-work).

Depending on the nature of the problem additional studies may be ordered to facilitate diagnosis (ex. blood-work, tissue sample (biopsy) or microbial culture). Based on the additional studies required, your medical physician may need to be involved to help facilitate referrals and testing under OHIP.